Flat Screen Mounting Solution

Manufacturing premium designed mounting systems

ATDEC mounting systems boast superior design, unique features and product flexibility make our products ideal for a broad range of applications in various markets including commercial space and POS, home entertainment, education, digital signage, healthcare, and the audio visual marketplace.

Our success is also attributable to our partnerships with the world's best known flat screen manufacturers such as Samsung, NEC, Panasonic and others, where custom design and bespoke mounting solutions affording unrivalled functionality are critical.

Our belief in sustainable development is paramount. All our products are Designed for Disassembly and Durability which means they are made to be taken apart easily for recycling at the end of their life and they serve our customers longer. We offer a return policy for all our products at the end of their life cycle. Many products have been developed to afford users Green Building Council Australia "Greenstar" credits and all our products meet the major international environmental directives such as RoHS, California Proposition 65 and vigorous product emissions standards such as Greenguard.

We continue to strive for design and manufacturing excellence and we have an ongoing commitment to research and development by our team of engineers and industrial designers that is in tune with the market. We partner with global electronics manufacturers, and continually research international trends to ensure our products meet market demands and support advances in technology.

ATDEC mounting products are targeted towards several markets such as:


The high cost of commercial office space, the increasing requirement for a flexible workforce, concerns for occupational health and safety and new and demanding uses of computer/monitor applications are driving the need for ergonomic, flexible monitor arms and space saving mounting solutions. ATDEC offers a wide range of monitor arms and mounts for the office environment including monitor arms, ergonomic mounts for workstations and multi screen LCD monitor solutions that significantly increase worker productivity; solutions for large plasma and LCD screens and flexible projector mounts for boardrooms.


Now that you've bought a new TV, its time to investigate buying TV mounts. There are so many creative ways to improve your TV viewing experience in the home environment! Be it a large plasma or LCD TV panels for television viewing or gaming in your living room, or smaller TV?s in the kitchen, bedroom, study or even bathroom, ATDEC has the perfect TV mounting solution for your LCD or Plasma TV. Not only do our television mounts afford increased flexibility and viewing options but they are beautifully designed and will provide a modern look to your home.


Public space often have plasma mounts displaying a large plasma TV for public viewing. LCD TVs can also be used, which also need mounting solutions.

In pubs, clubs, sporting arenas, airports and other public places the prominence of the plasma or LCD display is paramount and at the same time very often the space is limited. This is where our mounting solutions give you a real advantage. Mounted on the wall, suspended from the ceiling with a single 63" display or a back-to-back 55" option, ATDEC provides flexible, intelligently designed and sturdy plasma mounts for public space environments, not to mention the security features that ensure the safety of your equipment in public spaces.


For "point of sale" (POS) applications ensuring a better interface with your customers or advertising and signage applications using larger screens, ATDEC video display mounts allow the clever use of LCD monitors and larger TVs for retailers. Our video display mounts and video display arms for the retail space ensure you don't have to compromise on the visibility of screen run promotions and our adjustable multi screen mounts maximise customer service. We offer a wide range of wall mounts, ceiling mounts and counter applications. The ATDEC "POS Multi" can be seen throughout the world and has set an international benchmark for displaying POS screens. Not to be outdone, our SPACEDEC Display range offers a unique single, double or triple display solution!


For the general healthcare and dental industries our medical carts and SPACEDEC Display range of single, double and triple LCD mounts, and our "donut" range have been specifically designed with the requirements of the health professional in mind. The ATDEC healthcare product ranges, such as our LCD mounts, have been designed to afford maximum flexibility considering the wide range of healthcare equipment available, new and innovative uses of LCD monitors and the increasing demands for sophisticated and "transparent" patient care. As with all ATDEC products our medical carts and LCD mounts are reliable, easy to install and adjust, and meet all rigorous international environmental standards such as RoHS, "California Proposition 65" and air quality/emission limits.


As the world goes digital the opportunities for LCD and plasma screen signage and advertising are growing at a phenomenal pace. ATDEC's large diplay mounts and large display arms for small and large displays are designed to ensure the prominence of the screen and guarantee your company or product's visibility and exposure. The landscape and portrait mode screen adjustments give you flexibility in finding the most creative ways to mount your display. Lock mechanisms will provide the necessary security in a public space. Ceiling, wall and counter mounting options are available for all types of applications.


The modern day classroom needs projector mounts for projectors and LCD monitor arms for computer monitors. Modern teaching methods using sophisticated technology has driven the design of ATDEC's mounts for education markets. This, combined with occupational health and safety concerns and the adjustability requirement considering multiple users means ATDEC's ergonomic, space saving and flexible LCD monitor arms and mounting solutions are a natural choice.

We offer a wide range of LCD monitor mounts for work and study stations and our multi screen LCD monitor and large plasma mount solutions save space, ensure flexibility and facilitate the use of audio visual and interactive technology. All our large and small screen and projector mounts, be they for use in the classroom or auditorium, offer a safe and sturdy solution with security features that ensure the safety of your equipment. As with all ATDEC products they are reliable, easy to install and adjust, and meet all rigorous international environmental standards such as RoHS, "California Proposition 65" and air quality/emission limits.


We are proud to be a provider of commerical display mounts and mounting solutions for multi-national corporations such as IBM, British Telecom, Boeing, NBC, ABN-AMRO, McDonalds and governments in Australia, the USA and Britain. Our partnerships with Samsung, NEC and Panasonic are testament to our innovation and quality.

With the advent of ever more sophisticated commercial display technology and the cost effectiveness of electronic flat screens, the commercial space, be it banking and finance markets, the security & surveillance industry, varied corporate environments, and heavy or primary industry, is demanding ever more innovative and productivity driving applications for electronic flat screens. ATDEC product's unique and contemporary designs compliment sophisticated corporate environments. Clever cable management systems conceal all the cables and keep the workplace clean and safe. Double, triple, quad and hex (6 screens) multi screen mounts are available.