Wide Area Leakage Detection System

All sensitive objects need secure protection against water!

Leak control in data centers with electronic devices or other valuables is an elementary part in housing surveillance and protection.

Undetected leaks may cause substantial damage:
  • Damage to plant and equipment
  • Health risk to personnel
  • Increased fire risk
  • Environmental pollution
  • Lost of product
BARTEC provides a wide area water leakage detection system that consists of a water detection device and compatible sensors. BARTEC wide area leakage detection system provides all three different kinds of monitoring:
  • Area surveillance: e.g. false floor below computer centers
  • Pipe surveillance: e.g. heating or process pipes
  • Point surveillance: e.g. drip troughs

BARTEC wide area water leakage detection system is also compatible for integration with ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16 Environment Monitoring System for greater monitoring capability so that you are always in control of your data center facility.